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Raul de La Torre

Raul is an international recognized artist who has exhibited work all over the globe. He attempts to find the third dimension through the use of different materials.

The interaction between the artist, gravity, and the paint is important for the final result. The technique Raul employs attempts to eliminate the absolute imprint of the artists hand. This permits the paint to be a major architect of the final result, giving it a life of its own.

It should be noted this results in infinite and timeless color combinations. In many cases, the different layers of color each represent a temporary state of mind, time, and even places and people.

Raul work is an attempt to find life, movement and parts that are not static, that change in their interaction with the observer. It is also essential that the different combinations of colors represent different emotions and interpretations for each individual interacting with the works.

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Vladimir Dubko

Vladimir Dubko is a visual artist and designer based in Los Angeles, California. Best known for his intricate graphic works, Vladimir’s meticulously detailed technique fuses digital precision with traditional craft in witty and elegant executions. His multidisciplinary approach has greatly benefited from international practice in Italy, Hong Kong and China and has won him a wide range of commissions in fashion and design industries. His recent showcase features graphic projects for Beats by Dre, an art installation for Lane Crawford department store, a carpet collection for Ege Carpets and wall coverings for office furniture company, Haworth Asia Pacific.

Beyond commissioned works, Vladimir is a prolific graphic artist exhibiting in art galleries in Asia and Europe. While continuing to evolve his marquee graphic style, he extends his skills to experiments with printing techniques, carved wooden pieces and interactive installations.

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Melissa Wenke

Melissa’s work originate from an improvisational approach, her daily work process fosters the instinctual strength in her art. Her use of texture, deconstructing techniques, color, and linear themes reveal the artists personality and unique energy. Inspired by the day to day, Melissa goes about working as a writer would journal their days.Reaching across a spectrum of mediums, the work excites and captivates through its circumstantial cohesion. Melissa’s understanding and appreciation of the medium is front and center, she communicates a personal account of the inspiration around her, the visual intimacy is unmistakably the artists own.

Born in Los Angeles, Melissa grew up both in Southern California and Paris, France. The self-taught artists began her creative work with a series of cool hunting journals called ‘The Hot Steppa’. After graduating from The George Washington University, in Washington D.C., where she studied Political Communication, Melissa moved back to the West coast and began to paint, The artist recounts how she began painting, ‘I dont remember how it started, I just know that once I started I couldn’t stop.”

Melissa currently works and lives in Downtown, Los Angeles, proper. She is the co-founder of EpiKo Studios, a creative factory that works with local artists and collaborative opportunities of all varieties.