WILLIAM is a bespoke fashion label based in Downtown Los Angeles, creating exclusive accessories.

"WillIAM Ayers is the founder and creative force behind WILLIAM, a bespoke design label that strives to create new Social Objects, one product at a time. Being inspired by the emotional objects that surround our lives, he creates designs that change the platform of how people experience and interact with fashion.

Earning multiple degrees at some of the best Universities in the world, including a Masters at Cranbrook Academy of Art, he further refined his design comprehension while living in Florence, Italy. Extracting from Renaissance era craftsmanship, he brought his design studio to Downtown Los Angeles.

Global travels offer immediate inspiration for future campaigns and international commerce. Frequent stops include: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Muscat, Cairo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, Buenos Aires, Beirut, Male, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Florence, Rome, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Miami and New York.

Based in downtown Los Angeles, the label WILLIAM fuses fashion with art.

Ayers hopes to create a social object, which to his understanding means pushing the envelope a bit to get people discussing and to give rise to emotions. 

“WILLIAM offers a new paradigm of creating luxury goods with true fine artists to create original fashion accessories,” said Ayers. “The desire for individual one of kind goods is on the rise globally, and we are targeting these emerging markets.”

Having studied at the Cranbook Academy of Art, Ayers has passion for fashion running through his blood. He shares family ties with the iconic Bartholdi, the French designer who conceived of the Statue of Liberty.

The handmade designs are all handcrafted in downtown Los Angeles,